While standing on a corner at Beaverun Motorsports Park enjoying a perfect start to a three day weekend of vintage racing my phone rings. Unusual? Yes it was my daughter crying. Her mother had just left the doctor's office diagnosed with breast cancer.

This started a negative spiral for our family. Four days later I walk into work and was informed that I was no longer employed.

So making a long story short at the next MARRS race I finally let my second family know what was going on in my life. One week later my wife received a card from the WDCR and RHR group. Now she has nothing to do with racing and this simple gesture from my second family really hit us hard.  It was a huge help to my family emotionally knowing that the same people that I look out for on the track are also looking out for me off the track. 

My story is not that uncommon and we each know of similar racing friends that have had hard times in their lives. Racers Helping Racers is just that … help ... that is needed from their competitors, friends, and racing FAMILY.

Your monies will support this effort and at some point you or someone close to your racing community will need this emotional support. Please give what you can and thank you for being a part of my racing family.

Mark Hillyer
Bald Flaggers of America and proud WDCR member 

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