Racers Helping Racers

Several years ago one of our WDCR SCCA racers and his entire family (who will remain anonymous) were involved in a terrible accident in their minivan outside Charles Town. The dad & young son received life threatening injuries and would require multiple surgeries for months with no promise of survival.

The dad had just gotten a new job, but did not have any insurance coverage yet. The mom and daughter were also injured, and she was self-employed and also without insurance.

That's when it hit Linda Kearney. Her words: "He's a racer and we're all racers. We can help take care of our own."

Linda contacted an AS driver website and other racer sites, and as the word spread around the country $5000 came pouring in and Racers Helping Racers was born. Over the next 6 months she sent the family money to help pay the bills and help keep them afloat.

Through her amazing efforts she received word about other families in need, both within the WDCR and across the country. The fund helped a corner worker's wife whose husband had been killed at a race event in the Midwest, another family of a long time steward from the Northeast who lost their home after his death, paid the SCCA membership dues of a worker who had lost his job, paid to cover the entry fee of a racer whose home had been flooded, and good wishes were sent by way of a teddy bear and card to a family whose one year old had undergone several brain surgeries.

These are Linda’s words; "Over the years it became evident that it wasn't the monies being sent that was important, but the love and concern of our family being sent out."

AJ took over RHR from Linda in 2011. The RHR fund goes directly to try to help members of our DC area motorsports community and beyond who are in financial need.

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