Racers Helping Racers

RHR is a fund I personally coordinate which provides monies to DC area motorsports folks and their families who are in need of some financial assistance. On occasion we have reached out as far away as Florida and Canada as needed.

As an incentive I'm now offering FREE access to my 'Racing Summit Point' video. I've sold hundreds of these as DVDs over the years. This 30 minute video demonstrates and clearly explains the fast and safe line around the Summit Point Circuit, from inside and outside the race car, corner by corner. This is the line passed down from generation to generation. All things being equal, if you spend most of your track time eating dust or waving people by, you just might want to watch this video. Guaranteed to cure track related insomnia!

If you find it helpful, please make a non-deductible contribution using the PayPal link below, and your car can get featured in the Gallery! Even if you're not a racer we still need your help. Race fans, volunteers, flaggers, crew, you name it. You will receive an RHR Donor decal for a $15 donation, or 2 decals for a $25 donation.
All monies collected go to the fund. Every cent. For more info, use the Contact AJ  link above.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Here's the link to my video : 'Racing Summit Point'

Thanks for your support!
Art Jaso 

Special thanks go to Grassroots Motorsports Magazine for their plug in the February 2014 issue.
Thanks also go to Mike Kelley and Louis Alessi for allowing me to use some of their excellent photos.

(Please note that RHR is not affiliated with the SCCA in any way.)